Eurocup August 2022
Austrian Championships 2022

The Austrian footbike association (TTVÖ) will host the upcoming
Eurocup according to the rules of IKSA in Salzburg / Austria.

Saturday – 27th of August
Rif / Hallein – sprints + relais

Sunday – 28th of August
Salzburgring – Kick the Ring – long race

Registration (you have to register for Saturday and Sunday separately!)

Veranstaltung auf facebook

All transfers and accommodation have to be organized individually. There is the option for about 40 people to stay in the gym of the grammer school of Koppl – for a small cleaning fee. Reservation: – actually 18 places are reserved.

General Time Schedule – (details still may change)

You can book footbike sightseeing
tours in the beautiful city
of Salzburg with rocky-tours